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  • Steven's Stories

    Steven's Stories

    I’m here to make good friends & find a definitive answer to the question that lives rent free in my head after three years of writing online, am I a writer yet?

  • Christa Kiesling

    Christa Kiesling

    Bachelors in Business Administration. Minor in Communication.

  • Robert Hoffman

    Robert Hoffman

    Survival Pack: Tales from the Deep End of the Dating Pool and Other Horror Stories

  • Joe Váradi

    Joe Váradi

    Editor of No Crime in Rhymin' and Language Lab | ..."come for the sarcasm, stay for my soft side"

  • Adam Robinson

    Adam Robinson

    Writer with a focus on stuff…and things.

  • Bonnie Joy Sludikoff

    Bonnie Joy Sludikoff

    Creating healthy conversations about challenging topics. Writer, performer, activist. Trauma-informed. Founder of Thats What She Didn’t Say & Outdoor Voice Fest

  • Shalini C

    Shalini C

    Poet, beauty-of-words seeker, cook, bookworm. Politically-correct chocolate muncher.

  • Jen North

    Jen North

    Jen has a Bachelor of Social Work, a Bachelor of Arts, and ADHD. She writes about horror, film, history, mental health, and video games. Sometimes she is funny.

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