What? You need a reason?

Five things that are better than some things and not as good as other things

Dragonfly Photo by David Clode on Unsplash; Cheese Danish from Entenmann’s; Boxers Photo by Esteban Bernal on Unsplash; Space Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash; Number 5 from Amazon; Images compiled and arranged by Author

Because these things aren’t going to rank themselves and they feel bad being left off all the other lists.

5. Space

The very coolest thing about space is how spacious it is. In space, you never have to worry about whether your furniture is going to fit, or whether you’ll be able…

None should be as small as me

Photo by Kenneth Concilio on Unsplash

I wish that I were not so small
Mysteriously free
Over looking under toes
None should be as small as me
None should be as small as me

None should be as tall as trees
Trembling like two lovers
Counting five four two one three
The monster sees right through the covers
The monster…

Ancient Mysteries

A Matter of Vital Importance

Drawing by Brigid Chapin ©2021

A lot of thought has gone into why this happens. The philosophers and eleven-year-olds may have their clever little joke and regale us with their clever little answer — to get to the other side — which is both trivial and tautological. But as you would expect from tenured academics…

Image by Gary Chapin (Photo of couple by Damir Spanic on Unsplash)

How do they sleep at night?


Photo of author by Heather Baxter (all rights reserved)

Somewhere in the world
Is the last accordion I’ll ever buy.

When I get my hands on that accordion, then you’ll see
The hapless mass will dance for me
In a ball room with a view, or dance hall,
With you in your crocheted shawl,
Selling tickets to the men
And dancing with me…

A Cretaceous Rant

And this is bullshit

“Tyrannosaurus Rex? More like GRUMPYsaurus! Amirite?” (Illustration by Brigid Chapin) All Rights Reserved.

So, humans, let me ask — What have I ever done to you? No, seriously, you’ve cast me as the villain in your nightmares, and also as some premier TV anti-hero sociopath admired by all. You’ve played me up like a first tier wrestling heel, terrifying and entertaining, but doomed…

We wrote a book

“Writers should menace the conscience of society,” Rod Serling

Cover by Educating for Good. Order a copy!

Have you ever heard yourself say something, and then realize that your behavior indicates that you believe the opposite? There are agreements we make with one another to “look the other way” or “not rock the boat” when the truth would question the delusion called “meritocracy” that undergirds our schools…

Bonus Pickle Recipe!

Told with a vengeful relish

“They’re coming right at us!” (image by author)

Excerpt from the garden and recipe blog of Everard Besmidgeon, April 16, 2037:

Our cucumbers just kept growing that year. Uncanny. No one else we knew did cukes. Of course, no one did. But ours were abundant and huge, spikey and aggressive. We looked over at them, like wolves growing…

Gary Chapin

I write. I have always written. I play accordion. I have an extraordinary ability to be fascinated by things.

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