What? You need a reason?

Five things that are better than some things and not as good as other things

Dragonfly Photo by David Clode on Unsplash; Cheese Danish from Entenmann’s; Boxers Photo by Esteban Bernal on Unsplash; Space Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash; Number 5 from Amazon; Images compiled and arranged by Author

Because these things aren’t going to rank themselves and they feel bad being left off all the other lists.

5. Space

The very coolest thing about space is how spacious it is. In space, you never have to worry about whether your furniture is going to fit, or whether you’ll be able…

A Moral Dilemma

Have you pet your peeve today?

The most recent MuddyUm editorial meeting (Drawing by Brigid Chapin copyright 2021)

“That’s one of my pet peeves,” Sarah said, right there on the Zoom call. We were talking about editing and something came up — the oxford comma, it’s/its, coffee stains on manuscripts with cigarette burns. Something. And everyone on the call nodded, as if to say, “So true! …

What’s your unit of measure!?!

Introducing the Animal Shit Metric

Whackadoo Alert Level Scale® 2021 Gary Chapin

You’re sitting there innocently— at a family dinner, in the bus depot, or at a pet crematory — and you catch yourself hearing the latest conspiracy theory. “For God’s sake,” you say to yourself, “that sounds crazy.” You are aghast, but also confused. You don’t know how to react because…

Seu Jorge sings David Bowie in Portuguese and YOU NEED IT

Image from Amazon

The designation “cover album” bugs me. It didn’t become a thing until Dylan and the deification of the singer/songwriter, and somehow there was more authenticity to the singer singing their own words! Like it was more honest.

Was Billie Holiday dishonest? Ella Fitzgerald? Sinatra did not “cover” a song. They…

Gary Chapin

I write. I have always written. I play accordion. I have an extraordinary ability to be fascinated by things.

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