A romance

One moment you’re at the top of the stairs heading down to the garage. You’ve got a gig. The first since lockdown. The accordion is already in the trunk of the car.

The next moment, you’ve tumbled down the flight. Your arm is twisted behind you in a way that it’s not meant to. A bone pokes through just below your knee. There’s another hole somewhere, but you can’t see it. The blood from both holes is pooling on top of the indoor-outdoor carpet.

Nice, you think, it’s doing its job.

You hear a noise above you. A slight scraping…

A Matter of Vital Importance

A lot of thought has gone into why this happens. The philosophers and eleven-year-olds may have their clever little joke and regale us with their clever little answer — to get to the other side — which is both trivial and tautological. But as you would expect from tenured academics or children on the cusp of puberty, no thought is given to the practical outcomes of the situation. The much more important question.

What happens when a chicken crosses a road? We’ve been consumed with why the chicken is crossing. But what’s going to happen when she gets there?


How do they sleep at night?


Sing this.
It’s place and time
environment and rhyme
ecosystemic shine
be a love
be a true love
of mine. Love is

just structures and process
just structures then process
structure before process
structure after process
structure is process

“Come on, boy, what’re you gonna do?”

Sing this, and then you will be a true love of mine
A monster would sing this. Why won’t you?
In. Out. Over. Under. Through.

The monster went over the mountain. See?
The monster went around the mountain.
The monster crashed into the mountain.
The monster plowed into the mountain. …

A Roger Waters masterpiece that won’t let go of me

It is surreal to remember back to the ’80s when Pink Floyd was going through its breakup, and national television (not just MTV) were reporting furiously on the snipes being sent back and forth between David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

It’s a testament to just how big the band — and The Wall — was back then and to how much we care about that kind of thing when we’re kids. (Also, the fact that if we ever did somehow learn to access “the other 90%” of our brains, it would be filled with prurience and gossip.)

The Pros and…

Co-authored by Stephen Baxter

Terry Patchett’s passing in 2015 was a blow that many of us are still recovering from. He is most well remembered for his Disc World series, which encompassed dozens of novels with any number of subseries within. It was a shared universe that was funny, compelling, and wise all at the same time, and the stories — even apart from all that stuff — were rip roaring fun.


Get where it’s at! Come on, man, follow the scars.
She can remember bad, bad days in Arkansas.
Boy birthing, planet shaking, bone breaking days.
She got it right. She got it right. She got it right.
Two-thirds of the world are screaming out to her.

You’re telling me that she never drank or smok’d weed?
He was the first to get into her body and mind.
Oh, man, the sex was good right up to the end.
When the end came they sang their curses.
“Two-thirds of the world are screaming out to her!”

Take your hands off. The…


Do you place a bench next to the trail?

so folks come and walk and
the trail, from a seat,
still, feeding the mosquitos.
relaxrelaxrelaxease —
— you ready to getgoing?

Or do you not place a bench?

They say, “benches encourage indolence,
lethargy, and loss. People have sex on benches;
they tell lies, and they mull regrets and drink gin
in Mountain Dew bottles (or Dr. Pepper).
Benches disincentivize people from finding
honest work. People take naps on benches.”

I took a nap on a bench once and left behind
the sweater that I had used as a pillow…

Gary Chapin

I write. I have always written. I play accordion. I have an extraordinary ability to be fascinated by things.

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